English Day 2020

In this time technology is our best tool. We can keep in touch with our friends, we take classes by Zoom, Skype, among other applications, we can talk with our families, it doesn’t matter how far they are.

Now, we had to change the way we normally celebrate our English day.
We had to change the performances for Videos.
We had to change the costumes for our pets.
We had to change the hugs for waving hands.

But it doesn’t matter!!!! WE ARE GOING TO CELEBRATE OUR ENGLISH DAY with all the effort we can put in our activities.

Recipes, music, digital animations, rock bands, pets’ care…. We have as much activities as you can imagine.

PLEASE!!! Let’s go with us and enjoy this amazing English day. The Liceo Español Pérez Galdós School is going to do the best virtual English day and you cannot miss it.


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